Identify risk and opportunity every step of the way.

Introducing LoanCare AnalyticsTM , an all-in-one portfolio management system built for volatile economic conditions. Make more informed decisions faster with on-demand analysis.

- Customer engagement
- Liquidity insight
- Credit risk management
- Lead mining
- Performance metrics
- Lifecycle (onboarding, loss mitigation, etc.)
- Servicing controls
- Regulatory audits

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'LoanCare Analytics™ is the most robust data analysis tool in the servicing industry.' - Top Credit Rating Agency


15,000 Data Elements


1,250 Views for Analysis


85+ KPIs Monitored


Running 24/7

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See Everything in One Place

In today's market, having an all-in-one portfolio management system is more important than ever. LoanCare Analytics offers unprecedented transparency across the servicing spectrum without requiring a team of analysts to decipher.

Built with MSR owners in mind, servicing stakeholders can make decisions faster on a wide range of topics including:

- Customer engagement
- Liquidity
- Credit risk

Know Where to Focus

Real-time data visualization easily connects the dots to accelerate portfolio optimization. No matter company size or team expertise, LoanCare Analytics can help all servicing stakeholders:

- Manage performance metrics
- Mine for leads
- Monitor regulatory audit components
- Filter data output with 360-degree visibility
- Track progress through entire lifecycle of a loan

Identify Risk and Opportunity

Identify revenue opportunities and mitigate financial risk faster. LoanCare Analytics simplifies the complex by aggregating performance metrics and data points from a variety of functions and departments such as onboarding, loss mitigation, customer service and more.

The portfolio management platform's 
interactive visualization and intuitive filtering helps cross-functional stakeholders make immediate decisions and inform long-term strategies.